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Jeff Harter


Chef Jeff Harter is from the United States but has been living in Mallorca for the past 12 years.  He trained under Ferran Adria at the three-star Michelin Restaurant, El Bulli in Rosas.  Before that, he worked with Juan Mari Arzak in his 3-star Michelin Restaurant in San Sebastian.  Chef Jeff has also worked in NYC, London, and Italy.  He has been a private chef since his arrival in Mallorca and has made close relationships with winery owners, local food producers, specialized tour operators and has worked in Mallorca´s most luxurious estates.  He provides in- depth knowledge and understanding of the local cuisine and culture here in Mallorca.

Cheryl Buckholdt


Cheryl Buckholdt, originally from New York, has been providing the (always) rich and (sometimes) famous with exceptional service for the past 20 years in the USA and in Europe. 
Cheryl has become fluent in Spanish after living on the island of Mallorca for the past 12 years. When she is not designing individualized tours for her clients, she is volunteering at the dog shelter or teaching English to children of the village where she lives.  She has learned all facets of the island, from authentic rustic to luxurious delights.

Ricki Martino


Originally from Perth, Western Australia. Ricki began his career studying mechanical engineering. Starting this path at a young age has lead him on a 20-year career of organizing, managing and engineering some of the biggest Sportscars Teams across the globe.
Ricki has been living between London, North America, and Majorca since 2001 and brings a wealth of support to the team. His methodical approach to all facets of life will enhance your trip and ensure the most detailed and bespoke experience you could ask for.

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Jeff, spending time in quaint Esporles and in Old Palma

with you made all the difference in our vacation. 


Together, we experienced all three of your loves:

Mallorca, food and sports! 

Thank you so much for your gracious hospitality. 

(Oh, and all the luscious, lovely wines of Spain!)” 


—  Scott and Julie Boulder, CO

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