Building Handcrafted Culinary Tours in the Balearic Islands

The gastronomy in the Balearic Islands is the result of a privileged geographical location, climate, and natural environment.  Its culinary history has emerged from cultures that have passed through and settled in the islands over thousands of years.

Over the centuries, the rule of the Carthaginians, Romans, and Arabs, over the islands has led food to evolve in the Balearic Archipelago, although it has always been based on the common denominator presently known as MEDITERRANEAN DIET, and which UNESCO has declared as an intangible cultural heritage in 2010.


Chef Jeff Harter has lived and cooked all over Spain for the past 20 years.

Including working with Ferran Adria and Juan Mari Arzak, both 3-Star Michelin restaurants.  He has worked at Il Buco in NYC as well as working in London, Italy and, the Swiss Alps. But his true love is the Mediterranean cuisine considered the healthiest in the world.  Chef Harter followed his passion and intuition and landed on the island of Mallorca 13 years ago.  He has built lasting relationships with fellow chefs, purveyors, cheese makers, olive growers, farmers, and wineries over the years and wants to share his knowledge and enthusiasm with you by designing culinary adventures that explore food, culture, and history.




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